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TripBook  YearBook  EventBook from $1400

TripBook YearBook EventBook from $1400

Family photo albums are the treasures that not only preserve family history, but help build better histories and tell the story of our lives. These archives of memories are passed on from one generation to the next and are the perfect way to way to display your favourite images from weddings, holidays, baby photos, family trips, gatherings and more.


Memory Bank understands the important essence of family archives and have developed the perfect way to display each year, event, holiday or family tradition.


Cataloguing the best photos and videos from your mobile and memory cards, we design and display these memories in the most suitable book design from the MB Archivel range.


Printed books as well as digital books.


The internal pages are designed with care and the traditional photo albums in mind. What is not traditional are the QR codes at the back of the book. Using your Memory Bank app, you can view videos of trips and special events at your convenience right from your book.



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