Building priceless archives, for our members.



Memory Bank is not a cloud to copy photos & videos to. It's a caring team of creatives making sure your memories are at your fingertips, perfectly organised - where ever you are....always.

We take away the drudgery, confusion, clutter, potential loss of data and partner with you to understand your goals to make them a reality. Bringing all your CleanData into your central MB safe in a concise, organised, and secure way.  

Now your content is fully accessible and with you where ever you go. We work long-term on building your library and creating finished projects with 1:1 consultations to make sure everything is just how you like it. We will even help you to make improvements in the way you story tell, so your movies or projects reach their full potential.


MB liberates members from the complexities of content creation, curation and connects them with the joy of taking and sharing images of the people and places that matter. Bringing people together by watching, sharing, and enjoying all you have experienced together.


Customised, secure storage for the discerning.


Join our club, it's designed just for you.

MemoryBank is a global club with a passion for creative luxury and the generational growth of its members and families.  MB's membership is comprised of like-minded individuals with common goals and a penchant for the best things in life.  A virtual club servicing its members under a concierge-based design, with planning & support anywhere around the globe.


Crucial to an archive philosophy, is constantly staying current with new data - this way everything new is accessible and organised.  MB is membership designed primarily to help you catch up and stay caught up, but also to enable us to learn your preferences, build projects together and grow creatively with your goals.  Dedicated concierges and creative experts look for ways to curate your images and videos in innovative, easy to use and share ways.  


The MB platform was built around its members the way they use their data and designed to provide a way to experience their content in luxurious ways.  Our in-house MB development engineers work with concierges to constantly look at new tech, more fun, and innovative ways to view all the content you love.


MB is a membership so we are thinking of you and all you need every day!




Memory Bank Club is an exclusive offering, providing very specialised service to a select few.  Privacy and security is a key foundation of MB and therefore it’s only available to those who help us to maintain the security and integrity of the club program.


To join requires a direct invitation or a joint referral from existing MB club members. 


Learning the personal preferences of new members is something MB takes seriously. It takes a long-term commitment to understand your goals and set a plan to achieve them. For this reason, we only release new memberships a few times a year,  when our creatives are ready to give you all they've got.


It's this central ethos that sees members comfortable, in sync with the club philosophy, and with an archive beyond their expectations. This is what makes MB a private club that's earned a waiting list through reputation and exceeding our member's needs.

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