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Curating Life.


Our Mission.

It’s simple.  You record life with all you see, love and experience.

We - CleanData - Curate - Optimize - Design - Deliver

You - Create - Enjoy - Repeat.

Don’t record life without a plan, take photographs and video’s knowing exactly

where they’re going and enjoy clean edited content.

Members Only.

MemoryBank is a private members only club with a passion for creative luxury and the

generational growth of its members and families.  


Technology has made it easier to record all that we see and love….

It’s keeping up with all we capture and ensuring the content we take is

clean, useable and easy to find - that’s the challenge.

Our club services its members under a concierge-based design, dedicated to you, we

take away the drudgery, confusion, clutter and potential loss or damage to data.

Bringing our experience to the table and partnering with you to understand your goals and

to make them a reality.

Your Team.

Liberating members from the complexities of digital asset management, optimisation and 

design is what we are all about.

Our team is your team! With experienced creatives on hand to turn all of your important

content into CleanData, housed in your private

MB safe - concise, organised, and secure.  

Your MB team includes specialist graphic designers, video editors, photoshop and social

media experts who are transforming content to refined, enjoyable and complete projects for our members.  

Your concierge awaits.

The MB Platform.

The MB platform is designed by our in-house software engineers who obsess over

member feedback and usability.

They're constantly looking for innovative ways for you to enjoy or optimise your archive

and guarantee your content is clean, searchable and all in one place - your MB Safe. 

Upgrading file formats, past and present. Working in new tech right back to how we enjoy content.

There is always a ''coming soon'' at MB.

Joining MB.

MemoryBank Club is an exclusive offering, providing very specialised service to a select few.  


Privacy and security is a key foundation of MB and therefore membership is only available

to those who help us to maintain the security and integrity of the club program.


Membership to MB requires a direct invitation or a joint referral from existing MB club members.


Join our club, it's designed just for you. 

© 2024 by Memory Bank

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