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Always rethinking. So you don't have to.
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Bringing content off our phone's and on to your Mac or PC. 


Browse, search, favourite or review your safe and your concierge designs.


Imagine all the best parts of your video's edited, searchable, curated into genre and available on all devices - storytelling life as it happens. 


Shoot videos knowing they become clever, artistic episodes, movies or MBsnipets to share and watch on the big screen.


Finally a central professional home movie archive of all the video footage you shoot, in your own personal style - ready to watch.

Welcome to MBFlix.

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Your life's work, Where ever you are.
It's your life - Watch, enjoy, share, build
It's your life - ready to watch. Anywhere you are.
Life - ready to watch.
Edited. Ready to watch. Where ever you are.
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Perfect for Party Season! Private dinners to large parties, traveling with friends or family, turn all your guests into photographers and movie makers!  


Enjoy your event more knowing everyone is recording the experience and capturing moments because they know you best!  Unlike Messaging app's which remove important metadata, quality and resolution from all the amazing content you have all captured - MBPartySafe collects all the video and images quality intact, sending them straight to your concierge.  


Capture the more intimate, relaxed and fun moments from your friends straight to your safe and share the moments with everyone at the party! 


Allocate contributor safes to key people in your family circle so they can add the content they capture via you're concierge.


Grandparents, nannies, personal assistants or other trusted family add relevant content via your MBContributor safe.  They can upload full-size files for your concierge to archive by your instructions and they only see the files they have uploaded.

Capture content even when you can’t be there!

Image by Patrick Tomasso
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by MB

Carefully curated images and clips from your collection displayed on exquisitely brilliant SensoryScreens.  Taking the memory experience to a fine art level.  Immerse yourself in highly edited and composed footage or select guest artist footage from the catalog.


Whether it’s for your desk, table or full wall installations SensoryScreens get technical with scheduled content, room motion sensors and much more - custom made for your space.

Artfully animated emotions, for those art lovers who want to feel their content rather than watch it.

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